Shang Shuang: Shordetich 6/10

How would you describe Shuang Shuang?

Inspired by Asian hot-pot cuisine, this new Chinatown venue is a fun and fresh addition to the London food scene.

Where has Shuang Shuang come from?

Think of a pimped-up Yo Sushi – bright, light and airy with diner-style booths and a packed conveyor belt of ingredients circling around you.

What’s their style?

You’re given your own cooking pot – complete with a temperature gauge, timer, and mini sieve – in which to boil up a tasty broth, adding fresh and raw produce from the snaking ingredient train. Don’t worry, each mini dish has a clearly marked cooking time, so you’ll know how long to leave it before tucking in.


Check out their Instagram here.

So where can we find their restaurant?

To find your closest restaurant here.

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