We’re going on a trip

I am a planner, no I am an organisation obsessor. Some aspects of my life might be a little bit untidy like my laundry bag or my bed even at times but my day no your laughing, every i is dotted and every t is crossed. I’m off to Italy for my 21st birthday treat sun-ish sea-ish and definitely happiness.

I thought of how I got myself ready to fly away… here are my tactics by until the due date.

6 Months in Advance

You want to give yourself  a healthy amount of time to start planning a trip, it seems a bit excessive but feeling may change and even expenses so about 6 months in advanced you want to agree, in your head a Figure out your destination. I love travelling I travel so much on the train I should get a gold travel pass. I was planning for a birthday so I had to get the dollars and the company right.

– By yourself, you can set a budget.
– Then find your group or if your travelling alone your set for the set step.
– Look around for the best deal: flight + hotel or flight or student package deal
– Use google maps as a guide to map out your chosen city for where you ideally want to stay and visit.
– Research weather and the best time to go.
– Decide on a place to visit.
– Decide on the length of the trip.
– Make a folder in your email for your trip details (huge timesaver!)
– Start saving money. (BIG MUST WHEN YOUR A STUDENT)

5 months in Advance

You’ve been working on this for a month, not much has been done. You might still be juggling with more than one destination,  but it is time to decide.

– Figure out general plan how many nights you are staying
– If you’re searching for flights look at Google Flights (great for getting a base and height for the kind of prices to your destination ) but to be sure you are getting the best deal go to SkyScanner.
– Make sure you have checked for Visa specification, Updated Passport and any vaccinations.
– By the end of the month you want to have firmed up your flight or package deal.

4 Months in Advance

You are going somewhere…oh that feeling that it’s done, now you get to do the fun stuff – plan whose sharing rooms, where you’re going and making that all important must do list

– Make a list of your “must sees”.
– Establish your route from one city to the next (if you’re going to multiple cities).
– Look for online deals in the area you’re staying.
– Research places to eat, fun things to see, and do.

2 Months in Advance

Hii!! you’re back. 2 months to go now; checking up on your list of got to do before you go.

– Buy ahead! Girls and boys not everywhere are free, don’t leave it to the last minute.  Look online to see if you can pre-purchase things like museum tickets or passes.
– Make time to researching the country you’re staying, I loved to use street view on google earth getting to know the towns, convenience stores, bars, restaurants.
– Read a language book even maybe it’ll stick int he subconscious and come up when handy.

1 Month in Advance

Yass it’s almost here: happy dance

– Confirm with the group on travel prices for buses, and make sure you are all want to go to the same places.
– Make sure your mail/post is accounted for.
– Make sure you have someone taking care of your pets or plants.
– Buy things like adapters you’ll need to charge electronic devices.

– Check currency exchange rate.

1 week before

Crunch time!
– Let your credit card companies know you’re traveling so they don’t flag them as fraudulent.
– Make sure you’ve taken care of any and all bills you need to pay.
– Print out travel deals.
– Make copies of important stuff like: emergency contacts, credit cards, passport, flight information. Put this all in a plastic folder so it doesn’t get ruined it something gets wet.
– Make yourself an itinerary of where you’re going and what you’re doing. Give it to your emergency contact so they know.
– Do some research on what you should wear, weather conditions, make a list of everything you’re planning on bringing.

2 days before

It’s time to pack!
– Lay out your outfit.
– In your carry on I high recommend your check the flight restriction it’s never nice throwing stuff away.
– Don’t forget things like: rain jacket or sunscreen depending on your weather.
– Bring any necessary medication.

– Set an out of office if you need to.
– Check in for your flight.
– Check to make sure your bag is secure.
– Make sure you have all your travel documents.
– Confirm your transportation to the airport.

Day Before


Day Of

It’s go time!
– Make sure you’ve turned everything off.
– Re check flight information. (you can never check too many times)
–  Take your transportation to the airport (in my case, a coach).
– Chill out, you got everything covered.
– Get on the plane!

I hope you have an awesome time alone, with your loved ones or in a group.

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