A sip from the fever fountain: Anti-aGin

If you ever needed an excuse to enjoy that post-work G&T, check out our latest find. A brand of gin claiming to eliminate wrinkles as you drink has just hit the market, giving us new hope that our favourite beverage could be anti-ageing after all…

Heralded by its creators as “the alcoholic equivalent of a facial”, Anti-aGin is the first ever gin distilled with pure collagen – the protein that keeps our skin firm and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The 40% spirit also packs a potent mix of antioxidant and ‘skin-healing’ botanicals including green tea, witch hazel, nettle and gotu kola – which, according to the bottle, can help reduce cellulite and sun damage.

Created by London food art company Bompas & Parr, famed for their edible and awe-inspiring creations, it tastes pretty good, too, with notes of juniper, coriander and angelica root with a cardamom finish. Although there’s not yet scientific proof that the gin really turns back the hands of time, we’re remaining hopeful.

sixty fortini

60ml Anti-aGin
40ml Martini dry vermouth

Combine both ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with cubed ice and stir until chilled and diluted (about 20 seconds). Strain the liquid into a chilled Martini glass and garnish with pea tendril shoots.

kin tonic

50ml Anti-aGin
150ml Schweppes Tonic Water

Build the drink in a Collins glass, combining both ingredients over cubed ice. Garnish with fresh, waxy kaffir lime leaves – give them a slap before you place them in the drink to wake them up!

silver fizz

60ml Anti-aGin
30ml lemon juice
15ml 2:1 sugar syrup
15ml egg white
Top up with soda

Combine the gin, lemon, sugar and egg white in a cocktail shaker, then add a handful of ice, put the lid on tight and shake hard for 15 seconds. Strain into a chilled Nick & Nora or small wine glass. Garnish with floregano edible flower for a summery aroma reminiscent of oregano.

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