#wanderlustwednesday: Mirrors of Peckham

Who’s that man in the Mirror? Mirror Maze by Es Devlin in Bussey Building at Copeland Park, Peckham. Es Devlin’s graphic creation invites intrepid visitors to explore its immersive and elaborate corridors.

Down in London yet again. This time I was in Peckham the home of Desmond’s barber shop and Del trotter. With not mind to do and food definitely on my mind me and a friend searched the net for somewhere to wander. 

The Copeland Park is somewhere I’d never heard of or been before and after my friend said they had 20 plus plays to eat and a great noodle bar off we went. The Copeland Park sight is huge with many exhibits, shops and cafes there is always something going on. Lucky enough for us we were hungry on the right day. As we were about to see a limited edition pop up exhibition l.

Sadly to the Mirror Maz exhibition we had to pass all the eateries and on sight gym. At the far end of the Versatile multi-level warehouse space was the exhibition.

After waiting in a line for 5 minutes or so we entered what seemed like a purculiar black box and were immediately immersed in a film showing the Es Devlin film ‘the concept and creation of the maze’. 

When the film finished it, I felt like my body was reconfiguring from the hypnotic illusion. Some of the guest overwhelmed by the film were hestintant to go throw the whole in the wall, directed by star to follow the stars. It seemed fitting to go first throw the whole and see where next.
Coming out into the bright light of the mirror maze it definitely leaves you feeling dazed and exposed. This godly bright light beaming down on you almost as though you are being watched trying to figure your way out like a lab rat.

Alice in wonderland came to mind at that moment – it wasn’t haunting or scary like something from labyrinth.

Asa worker bee: I took the opportunity to take some shots for an article. Wroting for a fashion has made me have to improve my awareness for opportunities to get work and also importance of photograph in branding. These were my favourite images of the day.

Mirror Maze by Es Devlin is commissioned by The Fifth Sense, a partnership between CHANEL and i-D,

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