World Mental Health Day


Today celebrates and acknowledges all the efforts to bring awareness to Mental Health.

 is important to me as a young woman from the British BAME community as I acknowledge the efforts being made in society to help bridge gap between certain groups who reject help from mental health help services due to very old customs and beliefs.

I hope you can enjoy watching the following documentary and also have a look into communities such as  who look to discuss, help and create a great community for young people.

Sharing is caring – share your time, experiences or compassion. Mavin Gaye once said give “5 minutes of your time to someone else you never know what good will come of it.”

This picture made me think of that quote ‘food for thought’ I hope I can give some time or guidance each Monday to my followers. Have a great week x.

Family Health ISIS Lewisham and Catford


Manhood Academy @manhoodacademy
Make Dream A Reality
Chris Preddie @cpobe1

More organisations and people:
BAATN ‪@baatnman
Black people giving @blackpeoplegiving
Paula Perry @you4us_uk
Nova Reid @novareidofficial
Candice Bryan @noirewellness

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